K.M. Lynn

Two Raven Ranch (Jasmine Black Book 1) by [Lynn, K.M.]
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The Jasmine Black series follows a survivor as she builds faith, strength and amazing paranormal faculties. Don’t call Jasmine a victim, she leaves behind horrible childhood physical, mental and sexual abuse as she develops superhuman abilities.

Jasmine Black proves the broken, the lost children, have the ability to overcome. She proves that a tortured past does not mean lifetime defeat.

Two Raven Ranch brings her to the mountains of Northern Arizona. The opportunity to study with reclusive artist. Liam Byrne, offers an escape from her troubled past. Still, Jasmine may not have left Minnesota if it meant losing her first love.

Jasmine’s heartbreak grows when she discovers the real reason for her dream internship: an eerie resemblance to Byrne’s missing wife. Bad enough, then the Shadow Man tries to kill her and her new best friend. The supernatural abilities that save her leave Jasmine doubting her sanity.

Silent Scream (Jasmine Black Book 2) by [Lynn, K.M.]
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Silent Scream opens with Jasmine stuck in a vision of a burning man. As she watches his head melt in flames, Jasmine wonders how to save the living, breathing man.

For reasons she does not understand, Jasmine helps a murdering prescription drug addict, more than once.

Supernatural abilities grow as Jasmine manifests strength and balance in her life. The more she embraces her abilities, the wilder they become.

As new people enter her life Jasmine fights to save her friend from prison, and she fights to stay alive.

Magical Summer, my first adult coloring book. Available at Amazon.

The fruits of my first Florida summer, Magical Summer. It felt so wonderful to create art again that I barely noticed the hot, sticky days. My next coloring book-workbook is in progress. Thanks!